Trauma and Recovery, is a weekly psychotherapy group for adults. It is a group for anyone who has suffered though the effects of relational trauma. The program uses experiential methods such as Dr. Tian Dayton's Relational Trauma Repair (RTR), along with psychodrama.

Adolescent Psychotherapy Group meets weekly. Each session follows the basic psychodrama structure of warm up, action, and sharing. 

Individual, Family, and Couples Therapies are by appointment only. Sessions are usually in conjunction to client needs found in group therapy.

The program sequence includes 1) Ice Breakers, 2) Warm-ups, 3) Initiatives, and 4) Games.  Events will usually last anywhere from 3-6 hours. Activities occur in a progression with tasks becoming more difficult to achieve. Participants will learn to use previous knowledge in the group toward overcoming new problems with adequate solutions.

Encounter Community Group Therapy (ECGT), is designed to be as intensive as your group wants it to be. Gather a group of people you want to do life with (8-10) for  Psychodrama. 

My Approach

It is helpful to be able to pull from a variety of approaches that work. I believe in the uniqueness of the individual and that treatment should be personalized for the treatment of the client. Therapeutic approaches I utilize include; Person Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Adventure Therapy, and Psychodrama. I have an interest in using Psychodrama as an assimilative form of integration to promote it's use along with Evidence Based Treatments (EBT's). 

About me

Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Allen Johnson. Most people just call me "Dr. Allen." Since 2014 I have held a license, without any restrictions, in the state of Mississippi (License # 1864).  I am also a “Board Qualified Supervisor” (BQS #293) as defined by the Mississippi Licensing Board for Professional Counselors. In 2018, I received my Doctor of Professional Counseling (DPC) degree from Mississippi College. 

Getting Help

If you are seeking help for emotional wellbeing then you may find psychodrama and, other action methods to be beneficial. Healing can be found when you encounter community. J.L. Moreno M.D., the creator of psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy, believed that each person could be a "therapeutic agent" of another person.


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Anger Management

Stress / Anxiety

I have been to counseling to talk about the abuse many times, but nothing has ever helped until now.

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