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It is helpful to be able to pull from a variety of approaches that work. I believe in the uniqueness of the individual and that treatment should be personalized for the treatment of the client. Therapeutic approaches I utilize include; Person Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Adventure Therapy, and Psychodrama. I have an interest in using Psychodrama as an assimilative form of integration to promote it's use along with Evidence Based Treatments (EBT's). 

According to Blatner (2000) psychodrama is "a method of enacting psychological and social problems instead of jut talking about them" (p.1). It has also been referred to as the science of exploring the “truth” (Fox, 2008, p.13) by action methods. Psychodrama uses action methods to study behavior in its concrete form (Dayton, 2005). What makes psychodrama different from the other types of theatrical drama is that the enactment serves as an occasion for increased self-reflection. The experience is like a type of laboratory for the exploration of psychological problems (Blatner, 2000). In psychodrama, it is possible to explore the psychological aspects of events from the past, present, or future (Blatner, 2000). Psychodrama is not limited to reality. The stage provides an extension of life or surplus reality.

Psychodrama is not limited to reality. Within psychodrama, one can travel through space and time. The individual can travel anywhere they need and meet with anyone they want (Fox, 2008).

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